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Hey thanks for stopping by to see what we are doing here at Weim Talk.  This is nothing but silly nonsense.  Sometimes silly nonsense from the mouth of our Weims.

Mollie’s belly is growing and she is lounging on two blankets in a crate to the left of our dining room table.  Polka Dottie is fast becoming a prima donna wearing a bright lime colored collar.  She is looking quite lovely and Cliff has promised a photo shoot soon.  She needs to strut her stuff for the public general.

Dusty has lost quite a lot of weight worry about “hot” females in season. Poor boy. We got Zee gaining weight and now we need to put some more flesh on Dusty.  He is enjoying the royal treatment.  The royal palace suits him just fine. He loves the pie-shaped mat in the corner of desk and finds the luxury accommodations in the wire crate behind the sofa more than deluxe.  This accommodation includes an 8″ orthopedic mat and a nice pillow on one end. It also sports a full view of the front door to the back deck.  He can keep an eye on me whether I am at the computer, on the phone, or cooking.  I guess when he is not worrying about the “hot” Weim females is he worrying about his primary meal-ticket (me).

Dusty_Fireside_0003smFor now, Dusty and I want to tell you how glad we are you dropped by to see us.  From time-to-time we may invite a guess to join us.

Think of us as the DDS group. Not the kind that we all dislike (dentists) but rather Diva, Dusty, and Shela. We will be your guest writers………..

For now………paws to enjoy the day that God has given us….

Ps:  Prima donna is Italian for first lady and we hear that not everyone is happy that Polka Dottie thinks she is the first lady.  Mollie for one is put off by that notion.

“Zee” and “Dusty” both have their own pages.  Check out the tabs at the top of the page.


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